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UTLEY Speech Therapy, PLLC holds speech therapy sessions after school, 

from 4:00-6:00pm in Castroville, TX.   Home visits available in the Castroville area.

NOW--- Tricare East Certified!  Please ask your Tricare Pediatrician to give you a referral for  UTLEY Speech Therapy! 

We are in the process of becoming in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS TX).

Private pay sessions are available.    Superbills are available upon request.

Ask about our speech and language training in-services for daycare employees!  We provide an overview of speech and language developmental norms and explain how adding visuals to your daily routine can help decrease problem behaviors! One hour workshop for daycare caregivers available for an affordable fee.  

Our mission at UTLEY Speech Therapy is to provide critical speech and language therapy services to children with disabilities living in rural communities throughout Texas.  

Do you have concerns about your child's speech or language skills? Children who have trouble communicating may experience frustration, anger, and tantrum behaviors.  Imagine needing something, and not being understood.  These negative behaviors can be remediated with consistent speech therapy provided by a licensed & certified speech language pathologist.  At UTLEY Speech Therapy, we believe that families who improve their communication skills with one another can make a difference in the development of a person with disabilities.  In addition to speech therapy, we provide in-home family training for caregivers of children who exhibit a speech delay.  

We can help take your family from frustrated to functional by building communication skills!  

If you have concerns about your child's speech or language skills, give us a call at 210-570-7272.   We offer comprehensive evaluations and FREE screenings/ consultations for early childhood to school-aged children.  Click on the areas below for more information.


Language is any form of communication whether spoken, written, or gestural.  It can be broken down into two components: receptive and expressive.  Spoken language requires both receptive listening and expressive speaking. Written language includes both reading (receptive) and writing (expressive). Communication can occur with the understanding of gestures (e.g. pointing, facial expressions, body language), sign language, or by exchanging picture symbols.  People who are nonverbal may also communicate with an Augmentive and Alternative Communication (AAC) device.  

All these types of language have their own set of rules for the correct use of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics in communication.  

If a child is not meeting the typical developmental milestones for their age group, they may have a language disorder.  We offer comprehensive evaluations in order to determine the presence or absence of a language disorder.

Fluency (Stuttering)

Fluency in speech refers to a speech disorder called stuttering or stammering.  Stuttering is characterized by sound/word repetitions, prolongations (i.e. stretching out a sound), or blocks (i.e. as if the words cannot come out).  It is normal for all people to stutter sometimes, especially when we are nervous or rushed.  If stuttering is evident in most of a person's speech, it may impede the message they are trying to communicate.  Stuttering can result from neurogenic or psychogenic issues.  It may also run in a family.  Children who stutter can learn techniques to help them reduce the amount of stutters in their speech.  We can diagnose the presence or absence of a fluency disorder with a thorough evaluation in this area.  


 Articulation, or speech sound, disorders occur when sound errors or substitutions are made in place of correct sounds (i.e. saying "wabbit" for "rabbit").  Difficulties in this area can be a result of neurological disorders (i.e. cerebral palsy), structural problems (i.e. cleft palate), or sensory causes (i.e. hearing loss).  Speech sound disorders can also exist where there is no underlying cause.  There are differences in sound acquisition milestones for girls and boys.

Young children will normally simplify adult speech as they learn to talk.  However, if a child continues to have difficulty producing appropriate speech beyond their developmental milestones, they may have a speech sound disorder.  We can diagnose the presence or absence of a speech sound disorder with a screening or an evaluation. 

Note: A speech sound disorder is not the same as a speech difference,  such as an accent or regional dialect.  Learning a new language or more than one language at a time will not result in a speech disorder in typically developing children.  


Pragmatic Language is the social use of language.  It involves taking turns when conversing, socializing with others and using language for a variety of purposes.  Language can be used to gain information, comment, or greet others.  Understanding social conventions, or rules for conversation, is an import part of social language.  Turn taking skills, understanding body language, gestures or facial expressions are all part of Pragmatic Language.  At UTLEY Speech Therapy, we can diagnose and treat Pragmatic Language disorders. 

Olga Utley-Rodriguez

MS, CCC-SLP, Owner

Hello, I look forward to meeting with you and answering any questions you have!  I have been an elementary school educator for over 20 years.  I became an SLP in 2017 and love working with school age children and preschoolers.  I have a special place in my heart for children with disabilities and it is my calling to help them communicate effectively and advocate for their needs.  In addition to starting my private practice, I create speech materials for SLPs and parents on Teachers Pay Teachers (SLP-MVP), and customized, functional communication books- available on Etsy (UtleySpeechTherapy).  


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What people are saying

Tanya D.  said:

"I can't say enough great things about Ms. Olga! My children have been seeing her for a couple of years now and the progress they've made has been amazing. I see results not only in their speech but in their behavior as well. She makes learning fun for the children. You can see and feel the love that Ms. Olga has for the children and the passion she has for the work she does. For that I will always be grateful-- "

Aimee P. said:

"Highly skilled speech therapist! My son has grown leaps and bounds with his communication skills since he started with Ms Olga! He knows she understands him using his own specific set of language skills, developed and shaped with her guidance. "

Juanita P. said: 

"Olga Utley is so professional and I have seen first hand how she works with children.  She does an excellent job of helping children feel at ease.  She makes speech enjoyable and fun by playing games meanwhile teaching them articulation skills."

Diana H. said:

"We are beyond thankful for you, my Max adores you and I am so thankful for your dedication and grace towards him. Thank you! "

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Olga Utley-Rodriguez MS, CCC-SLP is employed full time at Northside ISD in San Antonio, TX.  It is considered a conflict of interest to see students residing in the same school district where the SLP is employed.  UTLEY Speech Therapy, PLLC maintains  the highest values and will not engage in any activity that is considered unethical.  We currently serve students in person that reside in Castroville and  surrounding areas.